A data sharing tool is a solution that enables businesses to share live, secure data with their business ecosystem. This allows teams to address important business challenges like breaking down silos and accelerating project completion. It also empowers collaboration through transparency of data and provides new insights.

Enterprise IT applications are growing and reliable solutions for real-time data exchange have become crucial to achieve business goals. From the behavior of visitors on websites to the data from IoT devices in your office or power plant, the volume of data is increasing exponentially, and generating an equally large amount of data integrations.

Many of these integrations are motivated by a desire to improve efficiency, performance of analytics, or revenue streams. The biggest challenge is to move these massive volumes of data, on scale from source to destination, without sacrificing its value. The traditional approaches include SFTP, pre-signed object store URLs, and data movement through ETL processes, aren’t scalable to the amount of data required and can only be applied to a single vendor’s solution (e.g., Oracle, AWS Redshift, Snowflake).

To tackle the issues of real-time data sharing, there are a number of solutions emerging. A set of platforms, which understand the data they hold and act as trusted intermediaries between apps, can help alleviate some of these issues. This shifts the burden of managing data flows to the platform provider and could speed up and simplify data integration by removing some of the complex Retry and Re-Transmission features that are inherent to most traditional tools.

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