Board portals are online systems designed to simplify the process of scheduling, logging and governing meetings among the managers and directors of an organisation. They remove the need for physical books for the board or FedEx deliveries, and they also eliminate the need for endless email threads. Instead, they provide one source of information that is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device connected to the internet.

They provide secure remote access to members, with features like the ability to synchronize calendars and agenda management. They also allow board members to edit and share documents, track actions items and take decisions. This lets them focus their time on strategic debates, rather than operational meetings. The more intuitive, convenient and user-friendly the portal for your board is, the more likely your board is to use it. You should also choose the one that provides a money back guarantee.

It can be challenging to pick the right service for you company. Find a reliable brand in the software industry with a high rating and positive reviews from independent review websites. The top providers will provide an opportunity to trial their software for free, allowing you to test out their software before committing to it.

Identify and leverage a champion of the portal on your board to assist in the transition. Schedule training sessions, and be sure to inform all board members. Consider offering a range of dates and times to ensure that technology-challenged board members can attend. In the beginning the champions of the portal are available to help with technical aspects such as creating bookmarks and folders, and defining personal preferences.

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