When it concerns due diligence in investment investors require access to the virtual data room (VDR) that they can use to review documentation from the company as well as intellectual property. This is why it’s essential for startups to ensure that their VDR is fully updated and that any changes they make are immediately notified to all contributors.

This allows everyone to be aware of the most current version of the file and complete their due diligence quickly. This also helps prevent confusion or miscommunication. Additionally, any sensitive documents are blocked from view by default. This includes contracts with customers as well as pricing. The administrator can monitor the user’s activity within the VDR to see which documents are being viewed and for the length of time. This is a good indicator of whether the document has been shared in the correct manner.

In the past, companies stored their most important documents in a secure room that was accessible only to authorized individuals. This was referred to as a “document vault’ and it was a very valuable asset for companies. The digital age has allowed companies to store their documents in a manner that is more efficient as well as accessible.

With the VDR the investor communications and fundraising can be managed all from one location, accelerating the raising capital timeline. Digify is a top virtual data room provider in the UK has ISO27001 certification and provides a variety of features to support vdr solutions the entire investment process.

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