The top VPNs provide premium features like extensive server networks, superb P2P and streaming support, user-friendly apps that work on all devices and robust cryptography. They also require money to maintain, so they need to make revenue in some way. This means that they either charge money or monetize data by sharing with third-party companies. (Hola VPN was caught selling bandwidth to botnets for instance.). The majority of free services earn money through in-app advertising which puts your browsing privacy at risk. They also collect and sell data regarding your searches and content access.

A few good free options exist, but the majority of them have serious limitations, including limited data allowances that restrict how much browsing or other activities you are able to perform. They may also be riddled with aggressive ads or weak encryption and leak IP addresses or DNS information. Some, like Hola VPN share your data with shadowy parent companies.

CyberGhost VPN offers a decent option for free. It has a reasonable server network and can be used with plenty of major streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. It also has decent speeds and a decent amount of free data. Its privacy policy is excellent, too. It does not collect or sell information and adheres to a audited no-logs policy.

Speedify is a decent alternative that is free. It’s simple to set up and offers 2GB of data per month. It is compatible with a variety of devices, has reasonable speeds, and safeguards your browser history and other data using AES-128 encryption. It’s based in Romania and is a privacy-focused nation, and has a no-logs policy which has been independently examined.

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