Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their attacks and security teams have to work hard to keep up. Finding a method that is both secure and simple to use is a daunting task. The most effective authentication methods take into account the security, usability, and convenience, as well as assurance, completion rates and the ability to reassure.

Passwords are a popular form of authentication but are susceptible to phishing as well as bad hygiene that can weaken its effectiveness. Password-checking functions in many web browsers are helpful however, a hack could be a threat to the entire system. Biometrics are the next logical step in authentication but they also come with their own set of challenges. A fingerprint or iris scan is easily copied by silicon rubber, and even the most sophisticated facial recognition systems have been breached in recent years.

Combining these aspects is the best solution for most users. A password paired with mobile push authentication, such as Rublon can provide a strong authentication. A second factor, like a PIN or biometric, can add a layer of protection. These types of combinations offer the ideal balance of usability and security. iProov is an exceptional solution that blends the advantages of both methods. iProov uses the camera of the device of the user to confirm their identity by using physical markers that are visible in their face and voice. This system provides the highest level of security and usability, and is used by many of the most secure companies.

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