The best software will help you automate and manage the back-end process and provide a superior experience for investors and partners. The best tools for managing your partner will help you filter leads, track progress on deals and relationships and record transactions- and they should also be user-friendly. It’s also important to consider the ability to scale your software. You need to make sure it is able to handle your growing portfolio of investors as well as small businesses, but remain affordable.

Acquia, a leader in the field for web content management allows users to create, deploy and scale digital experiences. Acquia’s website has testimonials from its current partners and an account of a customer that benefited from Acquia’s ability to transform their business.

The software platform allows businesses in attracting and nurturing partners of all types including affiliate marketers, influencers, consultants, agencies, and resellers. These partners can help you close and support their customers, and typically collaborate with your internal team. The platform provides dashboards and marketing tools for every type of partner.

The platform is integrated with KYC/AML providers, payment gateways and filing automation systems, as well as with several third-party APIs. It can handle all of the investment, equity, and donations that crowdfunding platforms typically need, and it can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other solutions like Lemonway and NorthCapital.

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