Data storage and secure technology are crucial to protect the most valuable information of your business from hackers, natural catastrophes, or accidental deletion. Storage solutions are essential to ensure that you are able to recover data after a technology glitch or even a disaster which destroys your IT infrastructure. In the past, cybersecurity and data storage were usually distinct issues However, today’s IT departments are increasingly embracing DevSecOps models that blend application building with security and spread the responsibility for security across the entire enterprise.

Data storage is now an important focus for IT security and an integral part of cybersecurity strategies. Secure data storage reduces the chance of accessing stored information by unauthorized persons and data manipulation, and ensures accountability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data security for storage is based on three key principles that include data confidentiality, data integrity and robust disaster recovery systems for disaster recovery. The first principle is to ensure that the data stored is not damaged in any way. Data encryption is a common way to achieve this. It converts data that is readable into a format that is unable to be read, and is only decrypted by the right key.

To prevent data loss, experts suggest deploying data loss prevention (DLP) solutions that detect and stop the attacks in their progress. A strong network security is an important aspect of security for data storage, so a good strategy should include firewalls, antimalware protection gateways, security gateways, and intrusion detection systems.

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