A data room is an area that can be either virtual or physical, and is used to provide confidential information during high-risk transactions. They are generally used during M&A, IPOs, fundraising rounds and legal procedures. A good data room with the latest features could be the difference between a smooth and efficient process as opposed to one that is unsatisfactory and can hinder deal success.

A stage 1 dataroom is designed to give prospective investors the data they require to make an informed decision regarding your business’s investment. During this stage investors will need to make sure that the information presented in your presentation is consistent with the numbers on your financial statements.

You will need to include the following essential information:

This is an essential part of the due-diligence process as it allows investors to see that your financial statements and pitch deck are in alignment. This is vital for building trust with investors. It also helps in avoiding unexpected issues that could result due to discrepancies. It’s also important to be open about pending lawsuits and any issues that may arise from the business. Investors will be able better be aware of the risks they are taking when they invest in your company. This will also help them avoid from having later in the process to negotiate the terms. This is particularly crucial if you’re in an highly competitive market and want to maintain your value.

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