They are not allowed to sign endorsement deals or take part in paid speaking engagements, meaning their only source of income is their scholarship. They deserve to be compensated for the risks they take, just like any other employee. Athletes spend an incredible amount of time improving their skills so that they can perform to the best of their ability. When athletes are performing at their highest potential, colleges make the greatest revenue off of them. Not only do athletes have to deal with an immense amount of pressure from their athletic responsibilities, but they also have to balance a full course load of college level classes ( Many college students struggle with passing their classes, and they aren’t even dealing with the dual roles and responsibilities that student athletes do!

Many have argued over the years that, morally and legally, the players deserve to pocket some of that money. Some big time brands like nike are making a fortune off of these athletes while if the athletes try to make money verbs to introduce quotes they’ll get kicked off the team or something like that. One of the greatest thrills of college football are the weekend trips to all those sacred stadiums that haven’t changed since Pop Warner roamed the sideline.

Discussion on Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid Or not

Because a student athlete cannot work, they rely on their families financially for support. This can be incredibly difficult for families who are struggling to make ends meet as it. Having to focus on classes, attend film sessions, practice hours a week, games towards the end of the week, workout sessions, etc. College athletes have a lot on their plate with sports and school and are sometimes forced to miss class. These athletes work hard and sacrifice their freetime for no pay at all, but that is just how it should be. When you choose to become a college athlete, you are conscious of your decision and aware of what it takes. As difficult a job these athletes have, they should still not receive pay to play sports at a college level.

Creating and supporting a true professional minor league would allow the students who want to make money playing sports to do so. Universities could then confidently put earned revenue from sports back into the university, and student-athletes wouldn’t view their college sports as the best and only path to a career as a professional athlete. Those interested in playing professionally would be able to pursue this dream through the minor leagues instead, and student athletes could just be student athletes. Waking up every morning at four and improving in my craft every day in my sport, gives me the understanding and appreciation of college athletes, playing at such an elite level.

Should College Athletes Be Paid? An Expert Debate Analysis

All samples are real essays written by real students who kindly donate their papers to us so that you can use them for inspiration and simplify your student life. But since it’s a salary, not a scholarship, it is subject to federal and state income taxes. Tuition and college expenses would not be deductible because the income level surpasses the IRS eligibility limit. So, a student-athlete paid a salary would owe $23,800 in federal income tax and $6,700 in state taxes, a total of $30,500. In cities that levy an employee payroll tax, the salaried student’s taxes go up about $2,400 per year. And, as an employee, the player would have to pay at least $2,000 in other taxes, such as Social Security, for a total of $34,900.

  1. Therefore, it implies that paying college athletes has an advantage in that it will attract many talented young people to join colleges and earn other social advantages.
  2. This fella only joined the National Football League in 2016 but has already …
  3. This would lead to scandals and would tarnish the reputation of college sports.
  4. Many have argued over the years that, morally and legally, the players deserve to pocket some of that money.
  5. Nevertheless, it does not provide them with everything, and they often have to work in order to make extra money, which is needed .
  6. Some people believe the student-athletes have received a scholarship from colleges while others…
  7. Opines that college athletes are exploited by universities and the ncaa to make money, therefore, they should not have restrictions to prevent them from making any money.

That meant athletes couldn’t receive direct payment for their participation in sports in any form, including endorsement deals, product sponsorships, or gifts. It is important to avoid the evolution of the college sport into commerce, market, and the professional sports industry. Just the college 231 NCAA Division in basketball makes over $9.15 billion during their financial year, and none of the income goes to the hard working athletes that make it possible. College athletes that dedicate their time, effort, sweat, and money just to get recognized for a spot on a college sport team, gets barely any recognition, no money, nor accomplishment for their relentless efforts.

Tips for Writing About Paying College Athletes

They need to find a healthy balance between all these stressful and troublesome situations, which can be a very tough task to ask of a young adult. The author of this paper agrees that world footballers are one of the best-paid individuals in the world. To turn the dreams of college students to reality, students-athletes should be paid a little to enable them to afford the facilities they require for their exercise. Explains why college athletes should be paid, but there are also good reasons why they shouldn’t. Damon salvador says it sends a bad message to elementary and middle school kids. Argues that the extra revenue from men’s basketball and football should go to the athletes instead of paying for the other athletic programs at the university.

why college athletes should be paid essay

If colleges can spend millions of dollars on a coach, then they should compensate their athletes because money is available. Although there’s big money involved in college sports, very few people outside this environment know that student-athletes are not paid for their efforts. Whether college athletes should be paid is, in fact, a matter of intense debate between students, college administrations, and even private companies.

Essays on Paying College Athletes

This scenario has led to the emergence of the question of whether or not college students deserve being paid for their participation. This paper argues that college athletes should be paid given the nature and organization of college athletics. There are a number of reasons why college athletes should be paid quotes. First and foremost, what is classification and division these athletes generate a tremendous amount of revenue for their respective schools. In many cases, they are the primary reason people tune in to watch college sports. It only seems fair that they should receive a portion of the profits they help generate.Beyond that, these athletes often have no other way to generate income.

why college athletes should be paid essay

You can find a skilled professional who can write any paper for you. Just over a year ago, in June 2018, a 27-year-old South African ran a record-setting race at the World Championships. That’s because Semenya is the fastest transgender athlete, or ‘trans-athlete’, of all time to compete in the 800-meter event. 12 months ago, Caster Semenya set a record less than one second short of the female record holder for that event, making her the fourth-fastest female to run the…

Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid

They also help to improve the image and reputation of their educational establishments. Apart from performing within the walls of schools, young athletes spend plenty of time doing their utmost at the national championships as well. It is difficult to imagine any modern college without athletes who are both entertaining the public, as well as are examples of how a person can control and train one’s body. I find college sports to be an irreplaceable part of college life, and college athletes are the ones who keep this part functioning. Being a great sportsperson is a difficult task, which has to be rewarded, and it would also be very motivating for many athletes who are having a hard time combining physical training, college education, and a part-time job. Hence, it would simplify lives for athletes greatly, as well as contribute to better results shown by them.

College athletes would be tempted to take money from boosters or other sources in order to get paid. This would lead to scandals and would tarnish the reputation of college sports. It is undeniable that college athletes are exploited by universities and the NCAA to make money, therefore, they should not have restrictions to prevent them from making any money. These profile essay outline student-athletes work too hard, generate too much money, and sacrifice too much overall to not receive anything more than a scholarship. The universities do not need to create new budgets to pay athletes, but the athletes should be able to market themselves to earn what they deserve. College sports have grown over the years, earning billions of revenue every year.

Other Side of Paying to School Athletes

Read our essay examples, where we outline various arguments to help you define your position. Bernard is one of the great researchers in marketing and sporting activities. He has conducted many studies on different topics related to sports.

Picture a world where every college athlete was paid by their schools to play. There has been a lot of disagreement on whether college athletes should get paid. Some people argue that college athletes don’t have time therefore should get paid, while others contend that they already get enough by not paying for tuition to attend college. ”The college sports industry generates $11 billion in annual revenues.”. College athletes should get paid due to the substantial income a school makes from each game, a higher education, and more benefits for health problems. Here is an essay example on whether college athletes should be paid or not.

Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Many people believe it’s unfair to pay college athletes because they already get more rewards and recognition than other teens. To work would inevitably take even more time away from their academics.

  1. Daniel illustrates that colleges serve as the best place where individuals can grow their talents or discover them.
  2. For this particular topic, the issue of whether student athletes should be paid has been widely discussed in the news media .
  3. And of course, right now, college athletes can’t be paid for playing their sport.
  4. For reasons like this, I believe that college athletes should be paid for their role as athletes.
  5. Primarily that the athletes get to go to school for free for playing sports.
  6. Nevertheless, it is also impossible to speak about the absence of financial benefits for the athletes because there are different kinds of special scholarships provided by colleges for their student-athletes.
  7. Explains that college scholarships compensate students by paying for their education, while in return maintaining a certain standard.

The ncaa is a billion dollar industry and makes millions off of athletic revenue. The fact that people keep asking the question, “Should student athletes be paid? ” indicates that there’s some heat out there surrounding this topic. The issue is frequently debated on sports talk shows, in the news media, and on social media. Most recently, the topic re-emerged in public discourse in the narrative characteristics U.S. because of legislation that was passed by the state of California in 2019. It is significant to pay attention to the fact that only several colleges can gain real benefits from college sports competitions because of the high performance of their teams. The majority of college teams do not demonstrate extremely high results to provide their colleges with billions of profits.

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