If you’re learning to code or you’re a professional software engineer, there’s no shortage of good books websites on programming and Web development. These books cover the latest and most advanced technologies in the field, and also the basics that can make you better at programming.

The Self-Taught Programmer How I Learned to Programming by Cory Althoff

This book offers a compelling and honest look at the author’s self-taught journey as a developer, sharing his tips and tricks that helped him achieve success in his field. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in pursuing a career in software engineering.

This book is a complete guide to front end Web development. It teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using easy-to-follow example code that can be used by beginners without prior knowledge of programming. Its full-color pages are filled with illustrations and diagrams that assist in explaining complex concepts.

These programming languages are employed by web developers to create websites and web-based applications. The back-end team is responsible for the functioning of the website, whereas the front-end team deals with design and layout. This book is a must for any web developer.

The New PHP and MySQL Modern Server-Side Web Development

This popular book explains fundamental challenges of server-side development using PHP and MySQL. This book is a must-read for both new web developers and experienced programmers looking to elevate their skills to next level.

The Clean Coder should be read by anyone who wishes to improve their writing. Its author recommends long periods of intense concentration for better results.

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