Board portal pricing comparison is an important aspect to consider when choosing tools for governance that fit your budget and the needs of your board members. When comparing it is recommended to take into account both upfront costs as well as ongoing expenses to get a clear picture of the total cost of your secure software for board meetings.

Board of directors are increasingly realizing the importance of a modern board management system. Apart from the environmental benefits, directors also appreciate the time savings associated with avoiding the email tangle and reducing travel costs. Other reasons for the growing popularity of portals for boards include the capability to quickly create and distribute board packs online, online note-taking and collaboration, and much more.

No matter the reason that drives your business to adopt a board portal you’ll have a vast range of options to pick from. The most important aspects to consider when making the price comparison of a board portal are the training options, support quality, security features, and data storage volume.

The most important aspect to consider is whether the vendor’s support and services can provide the level of assurance that your board members need to make use of the technology. This includes knowing the availability of live, on-site support line that is able to answer questions or address issues as they arise.

It is essential to know how vendors plan to improve their products as the market continues to grow and evolve. The right vendor should be able to explain how their product offering is changing in order to remain ahead of the best practices in governance, as well as the needs of their clients.

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