Cloud-based storage systems use remote servers to store company data as well as files and other information accessible via the internet. It is a viable alternative to the traditional storage system that uses external hard drives as well as USB memory sticks. It is more flexible, cost-effective and gives faster access to files. The vendor manages and backs up the storage, which lowers IT costs and the need to buy and maintain servers. It also relieves organizations of the requirement to keep up with the ever-changing policies for storage of data, which can be difficult to budget and can lead to overruns.

Many major cloud storage providers offer a range of options such as block, object and file storage to meet specific business needs. Before choosing the best cloud storage solution for your company it is essential to know the features and functions that each option offers.

Backups are an extremely popular feature of cloud-based storage. This safeguards against data loss due to human error or equipment failure. It is also possible to separate backups and production data which can help to prevent ransomware attacks.

Cloud-based storage can be accessed by any device with an internet connection. This lets teams collaborate and work remotely on projects, regardless of their location or medium.

Cloud-based storage isn’t without its drawbacks. that remote access to data can be delayed in the event of an issue with the Internet connection or the cloud service provider ceases to function. This can be costly if a business heavily relies on cloud computing. It is crucial that businesses develop a disaster-recovery plan to deal with this.

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