The majority of people are aware that antivirus programs are essential for the security of their computers, but few are aware of the magnitude the industry has to deal with. Even the best antivirus products can be affected by issues. While some issues are minor and can be dealt with quickly, some are more serious.

One of the biggest issues is that virus signatures do not provide enough to protect against a variety of threats. Every time new viruses emerge, it takes a while before the antivirus companies can develop and release new anti-virus updates. They have to wait until the virus is detected by their software and then sent to be analysed.

In the meantime the virus is likely to spread, and it’s quite likely that dozens or hundreds of computers will be affected by the virus. It may also be spread to other networks. To be efficient, anti-virus software has to be able recognize and eliminate these infections quickly. This means that behaviour-blocking or heuristic analyser are more effective than signature detection.

Incompatibility is another problem. While the majority of antivirus software makers place the greatest focus on creating high-quality products and pay a lot of attention to removing bugs, the truth is that occasionally multiple antivirus programs can create conflicts.

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