There are a variety of reasons why you may want to use an encrypted email service. If it’s your personal email or business data you don’t want hackers and government agencies to find out the contents of your email. It’s hard to find a reliable email service which can provide you with the most advanced features. In this article, you’ll find out about 15 of the most reliable security-conscious email providers for your privacy and safety.


In 2013, Protonmail was founded by CERN scientists in a privacy-friendly Switzerland, Protonmail is widely seen as one of the most secure email services available. The open-source email service utilizes end-to-end encryption and does not keep any logs. Only the sender and the recipient are able to access emails. They also provide free mobile applications and webmail and integration with Proton Drive and Proton Calendar to provide additional security.


Another secure email provider, this Germany-based company offers end-to -end encryption with two-factor authentication and strong German privacy laws. Its most distinctive feature is the elimination of IP addresses from emails, making it nearly impossible to link your account to a real-world identity.

With its clean interface and cutting-edge security features, CounterMail is another solid choice for those searching for an authentic and secure email service. Its simple signup process, support for PGP, and spam filters make it a great choice for anyone who wishes to be secure online. Additionally, it’s available in multiple languages and can be used on a variety of devices.

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